The Sweatcoin App 

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Sweatcoin is an app for iPhone and Android that tracks the outdoor steps you make throughout the day and pays you a 'digital currency' that you can redeem for rewards in the Offers Marketplace. Sweatcoin is the only of its kind; no other digital currency can reward physical exercise with free gifts!
The app runs in the background and consumes very little battery and bandwidth. Keep the app open and go about your day. Log in once in awhile and see what coins you have available to redeem. Refer your friends and family to the app and get 5 Sweatcoin per referral. Browse the Offers Marketplace daily to be one of the first to claim a new offer -- remember, offers either expire or become out of stock very fast, so daily monitoring of the marketplace is necessary. Learn More
Sweatcoin is free to use because companies use it to market their business and products. It is 100% legit, safe, and trustworthy. You may find that some offers are a steal, and other offers are too costly for what they provide. The more you use the Sweatcoin marketplace, the more you'll know how worthwhile each offer is. 

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