Is Sweatcoin Legit?
Is It a Scam?

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With the radip growth of the Sweatcoin app, many people are wondering if the app it's legit and if you actually get the marketplace offers if you puchase one. A short answer to that is YES. The app it's actually legit and you can make good money by earning or buying and selling sweatcoin. "Sweatcoin is a bit different than the digital currencies. Its value comes from the exchange-rate for the offers in the store rather than exchange-rate for USD. The value of 1 SWC differs between offers as well. 1 Sweatcoin might be worth for one offer, but only for another. Sweatcoin is entirely safe to use because it collects anonymous data and rewards you with digital points/coins. It asks for no personal information except for your first name. It does require an active phone number, which is entirely necessary for you to use the app and earn coins on your phone." (Jason P.) I personally have purchased many offers from the Sweatcoin marketplace including teh PayPal $1000 offers and can confim that th SWC team has send the purchased product within a week (wcs). So go out and walk to make some real money.

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